Yondel Consutrction established in 2004 reached to the position of a prestigious company in Turkey by developing and improving experience area by means of horizontal routed drilling method used for the construction works of electricity and fiber optic distribution lines and natural gas, potable water lines.

In this technologically rapidly developing world, we use the technic known as horizontal direct drilling technology for applicate your projects under the soil as soon as possible and more inflict economic conditions.
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Yöndel construction successfully complate the aproximately 70.000m water and sewer line construction "Astana/Kazakhstan Water and Sewer Line Construction" which is complated by Alsim-Alarko, with final acceptance of the work done. Line is opened.

According to the agreement made with the company Enermak in Söke/Aydın, Approximately 18 units (850m) steel gas pipes under river and road crossing succesfully complated by horizontal direct drilling method.